Our Management Team

Chris Kendrick Owner, Director, Bay Civil Limited, Managing Director

Chris Kendrick

Managing Director

Chris has many years experience in the Civil and Construction industry with qualifications in both NZCLS (Land surveying), NZCE (Civil) and nine years in consultancy. This made Chris the perfect candidate for his father-in-law's company, E.W Evans Construction. After years of working alongside his father-in-law, Chris took over the company upon Evan’s retirement in 1995, changing the name to Bay Civil Limited. Since then, Chris has been focused on growing the company, working on several significant projects in Papamoa.

Chris is well-known in the industry, with a reputation for hard work and great attention to detail. Nearly three decades with Bay Civil Limited has allowed Chris to establish and nurture business relationships throughout the Bay of Plenty region.

A dedicated family man, Chris is married with three adult children and two grandchildren. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing, sailing and travelling with his family and friends.

Mike Speed, Contracts Manager, Bay Civil Limited

Mike Speed

Contracts Manager

Mike has 23 years experience in Civil Construction – starting after finishing high school and working as a drainage labourer, rapidly advancing through to foreman - and into Project Management by the age of 20. He completed the NZCE (Civil) at Waikato Polytech, and has never left the industry even for a day! (days off for fishing don’t count!)

Through this time Mike has learnt a lot about what is important to Clients and the Engineers we work alongside. Holding these values and quality standards close, enables us to position our business in the best possible situation to maintain workload and job security for our valuable staff.

Family time is important to us all, but so is respecting the fact that we have a good job, and the environment in which we work is safe and positive. We have exciting times ahead, and as we evolve we learn more about each other, and become stronger as a unit – want to come be part of the team?? If you have the work ethic, and motivation to earn a rewarding career path, then drop us a note anytime!!

Shaun McKenzie, Plant and Operations Manager, Bay Civil Limited

Shaun McKenzie

Plant and Operations Manager

Shaun has a diverse range of skills including heavy machinery operation and all aspects of Civil Construction – Shaun is also a Certified Drainlayer and is heading up our Licensee programme where we are up-skilling a number of guys who have demonstrated passion and loyalty toward Bay Civil, and the industry as a whole.

A major focus of Shaun’s is making sure that our guys have what they need to do a job safely and well, in an economic and efficient manner. This level of operational support only comes with a clear understanding of the Client’s expectations, and those of Council – and of our own standards also! Being a keen “motor man’ Shaun has organised a lot of our plant upgrades, and the maintenance of our existing fleet. Add in an appetite for a good social event, and you end up with a well respected, well balanced individual who is central to the operation of the business as a whole.

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